OurOyster’s guide on how to spend a week in Albania

OurOyster’s guide on how to spend a week in Albania
27 Sep 0205

If you want advice on how to spend a week in Albania, why not consider OurOyster’s which is a project consisting on a young couple and their 6 months toddler traveling around the world and sharing their travel experiences. Their extensive experience as travelers makes very valuable advice for whoever plans to visit one of their destinations. Quote of the article follows:

Albania is one of the most memorable places we have visited in Europe to date. It’s a country that has a ton to offer, but which is oddly overlooked. Hopefully, if you have read some of our past posts about Albania, you will find yourself tempted to visit this interesting little Balkin country. And if you do, this itinerary will make sure you visit all the best spots.

One Week in Albania

We visited Albania in the winter. We didn’t visit any of the sea side towns, although this itinerary does include a stop of the seaside town of Saranda (we drove though, but didn’t stop). Even though we did not visit any of the seaside towns, we have heard from other travellers that they really enjoyed their experience there.

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