Made in Berat

13 Feb 2016

Apart from being one of the most enchanting cities of Albania and the Balkans, Berat is widely known for its unique tradition in handcrafting and gourmet food. Berat is one of the only cities in Albania that besides having developed a complete line of souvenirs and local food products, is also offering visitors the full experience of meeting the artisans in their home-based studios, in the old town district of Mangalem or Gorica. Visitors can order personalized wood and stone cravings, sketches, jewellery and local delicacies as they are taken back to another era by the melodies of Berat folk music and nostalgic anecdotes, spoken softly by the artisans.

Recently, Berat has developed its own trademark and visual identity – in the framework of the Berat Branding and Souvenirs project, initiated by Albania Rafting Group, Berat Municipality and BID Berat and supported by Swiss Embassy through “Risi Turistike Competition 2015” , an initiative and innovation of the youth employment project “RisiAlbania” in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship. In 2015 “Berat Branding and Souvenirs” won one of the Awards of Risi Turistike Competition 2015 for Berat region.

Berat Branding and Souvenirs  will add values to different traditional products of Berat, which will be promoted to local and international tourist. Also, it will help local artisans produce and sell more interesting products to tourists, by preserving at the same time ancient crafts from one generation to the other. Every tourist will enjoy the new flavour of the beautiful crafts of Berat by bringing home an exceptional memory from this ancient and attracting city. We invite you to take and enjoy the tours of Berat, learn more about this city, take a traditional piece of it with you and contribute to keeping these amazing crafts alive!

Visit the enchanting city of Berat and experience some of the city’s most beautiful attractions!

Cool things to do:

  • Hiking to the ruins of Gorica quarter, dating back in 4th century BC
  • Stop at an old Mangalemi house for local delicacies and house tour with the host
  • Visit at the Ethnographic Museum of Berat
  • Traditional Berat dishes taste
  • Experience one hour of stone workshop with the Master Xhoxhi Fani
  • Onufri Museum visit, sightseeing at the castle walls and narration of the legend of the city.

Berat Experience