Hiking trip – Berat Tours

Hiking trip – Berat Tours
28 Jan 2016

Short and sweet but what a view!

This short hike outside the city of Berat offers a great outdoor experience with spectacular landscapes.  So get out there and stretch your legs, get in touch with nature, explore something new and go home saying you hiked up to the ruins of Gorica Castle, dating back in the 4th century BC.

Near: 10 min from Berat city center, Gorica quarter

Distance:8 km

Hiking Time: 2.5– 3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation gain: 370 m

Trail Condition: Good

Hike type: Loop

Getting there: Follow the well-marked trail starting from Gorica quarter  and ending at Hanged Bridge, Berat.

hiking Trail














Trail Etiquette

 Consideration and polite behavior are essential to ensure the enjoyment of all trail users.

 Please observe the following guidelines:

Pack it in, pack it out—please carry out all trash. And leave no trace

  • Please stay on the trail and follow all signs.
  • Hike with at least one friend or a hiking guide.
  • All users must yield to persons with special needs.
  • Hike quietly and don’t misuse whistles.
  • Report vandalism.
  • Greet people you meet. A simple “Hello” or “Nice day” is appreciated.
  • Pets are permitted on the trails but must be kept on a leash at all times.



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