How to get to Berat

How to get to Berat
19 Apr 2015

By air – the distance of Berat from the main national airport in Albania “Mother Teresa,” is 122 km. The airport is 25 km north of Tirana, the capital of Albania. Leaving the airport, follow the national road that goes south, towards Lushnja and then turn to the left to continue to Berat. There are also two other airports: in Ohrid and in Corfu. The airport of Ohrid is placed in western Macedonia 20 km from the border check-point of Kapshtica. The distance from Berat is 180 km. The second airport is on the Corfu island of Greece. The sea distance from Corfu to the port of Saranda in southern Albania is only 18 km. Daily ferries offer transport in the Ionian Sea between Corfu and Saranda. From Saranda the distance to Berat is 172 km.

By sea – the distance from the main port of Albania, located in Durres, to Berat, is 92 km. From the port there are daily ferries to the Italian cities of Bari, Ancona, and Trieste.
The distance from the second biggest port in Albania, Vlora, to Berat is 81 km. From this port there are daily ferries to the southern Italian cities of Brindisi and Otranto. The distance from the third port of Albania, Saranda, is 172 km.

On land – Berat has only one national road which links the city with Lushnja. This road is divided into two main directions: one direction goes to Fier and to Vlorë, while the other to Durres and then to Tirana. There are also some orientations for distances if you travel from the Albanian neighboring countries. If you come from Montenegro there are two border checkpoints: Hani i Hotit which is 26 km north of Shkodra, and the checkpoint of Muriqan, 13 km northwest. The distance from Shkodra to Berat is 212 km. If you arrive from Greece there are two border check-points. The first is Kapshtica, near Korça, and located 248 km from Berat, and Kakavia, south of Gjirokastra and 134 km from Berat. If you arrive from Macedonia, there are also two border checkpoints. The first is in the north of Lake Ohrid, Qafe Thana, located 160 km from Berat, and the second in the southern part of Lake Ohrid, Tushemishti, 195 km from Berat.


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