Flavours of Berat

Flavours of Berat
24 Jan 2016

The region of Berat is home to some of the largest plantations of figs in the Balkans, renowned for their exceptional quality, prepared as long-life products or jam. The famous Berati olives, are a national appetizer with a buttery and exquisitely fresh aftertaste. In many have associated Berat to wine, due to the fact that some of the best Albanian wineries, are located in that area.

Berat is also known for raising turkey, and enlists among its specialties the dish called “Kaposh deti me përshesh” (Turkey with a typical corn bread called përshesh).

Among the typical dishes there are also Pispili (a dish with spinach, wild herbs, Feta cheese and spices), Gjelle me Arra (veal or chicken with walnuts), Byrek Berati ( A typical pie filled with a mixture of leek, rice and ground meat).


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