DanFlyingSolo’s blog on Berat

DanFlyingSolo’s blog on Berat
30 Aug 2016

‘So you will stay just one night in Berat?’ enquired our guest house owner whose grinning smile was as welcoming as the cold beer he had produced near instantly.

I glanced over at the neatly kept flower beds, the medieval style arch door to the courtyard and turned backwards to my under ground cave room with its dimly lit charm.‘Lets make it two.’

Five minutes. That was all it took to know that two nights in Berat wouldn’t just be relaxing but was an absolute necessity. Why? It had that vibe , the one that shouts you’ve finally arrived, even though you didn’t know what you had been looking for.

This is how his Dan starts his blog entry about Berat. It is really nice to see his perspective on the city, people and interesting things the city has to offer. We enjoyed reading his article and thought you might like it too as well as the rest of his Blog.  Read the full article here.


Berat Experience