Berat Spirituality – 2 Days Tour

Cobo winery Berat
29 Jan 2016

Visit the enchanting city of Berat and experience some of the city’s most beautiful attractions.

Highlights of the tour:

1. Mangalemi neighborhood walk with ancient stories of Berat
2. Stop at a old Mangalemi house for local delicacies and house tour with the host
3. Visti the at Ethnographic Museum of Berat
4. Berat Castle visit, sightseeing at the castle walls and narration of the legend of Gorica.
5. Visit at the Onufri Museum in Berat
6. Traditional Berat dishes lunch
7. Dinner and wine at Cobo Winnery
8. Accommodation in a local Hotel
9. Visit the holy mountain of Tomorr
10. Sunset at the top of the Osumi Canyons

Starting point at the Berat hanging bridge.
Starting time: 10:00 a.m.
Total tour duration: 48 hours

Tours will be offered based on request, minimum group of tourists 4 persons.
Included: Transportation,museum tickets, lunch, dinner, accommodation for 2 nights and breakfast.

Price per person: 80 euro


Berat Experience