Albanian Cuisine : Authentic Dishes

26 Feb 2016


The products in Berat restaurants are mostly organic, and this is noticeable in their special taste. Restaurants in Berat serve traditional foods, where the most preferred meal is turkey with stuffing, accompanied by grape wine produced from the local wineries.

You can taste local specialties prepared skillfully, such as pies (byrek) with meat and leek, stuffed zucchini oven, pispili with corn flour and of course lamb / goat meet accompanied with vegetables and fresh dairy of the area.Wines made in the local¬wineries or homemade, and the artisan raki are pleasant drinks to accompany your food. Typical desserts in Berat are kabuni with rasins (a sweet rice dish), baklava, marmalade (gliko) of walnut, fig, plum, etc.


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