5 Days, 4 Elements Adventure

5 Days, 4 Elements Adventure
17 Feb 2016

An energizing getaway to Albania’s UNESCO sites of Berat and Gjirokastra

If you’ve got a taste for adventure and you are curious about Albania, join us!  We depart from the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Berat and head out across the wilderness of the southern Albanian mountains en route to the crystal clear waters of Vjosa and Osumi rivers.  Four full days of rafting, hiking, and exploring nature are complemented by relaxing yoga sessions and the vast cultural and culinary delights of Berat and Gjirokastra regions.  This trip includes a local wine and food tour at Çobo vineyards (Berat), a cooking workshop on making Albanian traditional marmalade in Permet, cultural visits in the cities of Berat and Gjirokastra (castles, authentic quarters and museums) and an organized picnic at Drobonik’s church in a nearby village.

About the cities

Berat and Gjirokastra are two of the rarest architectural gems of the Ottoman period in the Balkans.  Located in central Albania, Berat bears witness to the peaceful coexistence of various religious and cultural communities in Albania through the centuries.  Among its attractions is a medieval castle, locally known as the “Kala,” which was built in the 13th century, although its origins date back to the 4th century BC.  Gjirokastra is a citadel town built by notable landowners whose interests were directly linked to those of the central power.  Gjirokastra’s beautiful castle, charming Ottoman-style villas, and romantic alleys inspired many of the books of the renowned, Albanian-born author, Ismail Kadare.

About the experience

During these five days, we will combine nature, adventure, adrenaline, entertainment, relaxation, positive emotions, and friendship.  Designed around re-creating and connecting to nature’s balance, you will experience each one of the 4 natural elements while hiking in peaceful mountains (earth), rafting on crystal clear waters (water), breathing the fresh air through yoga techniques (air), and singing around a bonfire (fire).

Vacation highlights

  • Rafting and Exploration of Osumi’s Canyons
  • Wine, cheese and olive tasting at Çobo Winery
  • Tour of Historic Berat and the Gjirokastra Castle
  • Culinary Workshop in Permet
  • Thermal Bath
  • Rafting in Vjosa river
  • Picnic at Drobonik church in a village near Berat
  • Hiking in the Tomorr and Shpirag Mountains
  • Off-roading from Skrapar – Permet
  • Visit to the celebrated 560 year old tree in Libohova Village

5 Days, 4 Elements Albania Adventure

Destinations: Berat & Gjirokastra

Distance from nearest airport: 126 km (Mother Teresa Airport, Tirana, Albania)

Destination Profile: Adventure, Yoga, Culture, Nature

Visitor’s Profile: Nature loving, explorer, adventurer, fond of authenticity and tradition

Profile attractions:

  1. Natural: Canyons, mountains, waterfalls, caves
  2. Well-being: Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation Sessions, Massage
  • Cultural: Illyrian and Medieval castles, churches, mosques, medieval bridges, Albanian gastronomy, ethnography, folklore

Profile Activity: Rafting, yoga, camping, hiking, canyon/cave exploration, off-roading, mountain biking, sleigh, eco -tourism

Time to visit: The destination can be visited in every season as Albania has mild Mediterranean climate.

Recommended Duration: 5 days, 4 nights

Day I

  • Transportation from Tirana and/or other meeting points with 4X4 vehicles to Berat
  • Arrival in Berat city and accommodation in a traditional hotel or guest house
  • Hiking to Drobonik village through the Shpirag mountain and picnic lunch
  • Visit to the Onufri and Ethnographic Museum
  • Restorative Yoga Afternoon Session (1.5hr)
  • Wine, cheese and olive tasting and dinner to Çobo Winery


Day II

  • Breakfast
  • Power Yoga Morning Session (1hr)
  • Departure with 4X4 vehicles to Skrapar (60 km from Berat, approx. 2hrs)
  • Accommodation in hotel
  • Rafting and Canyon Exploration of Osumi’s Canyons including packaged lunch (3-4hrs)
  • Visit of Pirrogoshi cave
  • Relaxing outdoor massage
  • Local cuisine dinner with folkloric costumes and dance performances



  • Breakfast
  • Power Yoga Morning Session (1hr)
  • Departure to Permet with 4×4 vehicles (27 km from Skrapar, off-road conditions, approx. 4hrs)
  • Accommodation in hotel
  • Visit to the Thermal Baths of Benja and hike through the Canyon of Lengarica with packaged lunch (3hrs) or Rafting in Vjosa river
  • Culinary Workshop:  How to Make “Gliko” (Albanian Traditional Marmalade)
  • Traditional dinner


Day IV

  • Breakfast
  • Power Yoga Morning Session (1hr)
  • Departure to Gjirokastra
  • Visit of Gjirokastra’s Historic Center
  • Traditional lunch
  • Restorative Yoga and Meditation Session (1hr)
  • Shopping and free time
  • Traditional Dinner


Day V

  • Breakfast
  • Restorative Yoga and Meditation Session (1hr)
  • Visit of Libohova Village and the celebrated 560 year old tree (20 km from Gjirokastra)
  • Village lunch
  • Departure from Gjirokastra

End of the program



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